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How to Market your Brand During Lockdown?

One thing that you and I are absolutely thankful for this Lockdown Season, the Internet. Oh! What would we do without it? We are sure that there must have been an influx in the amount of time you spend on your Televisions and Mobile phones, to be more specific, it means more time is spent on social media platforms than ever before. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic we all are stuck at home and absolutely glued to these mediums in one way or another.

Now, what is interesting is the fact that you can use this opportunity in your favour by promoting your brand on these platforms during this period of lockdown. All eyes are set on these platforms at all times which can make your brand presence be felt more frequently.

What Ways can We Possibly Adopt?

1. Make Sure You Stay Connected with Audience
Ensure that you don’t make your existing or potential consumers feel left out! Give them a message of staying strong and not panic during the pandemic. Ask them about their health and other whereabouts every now and then. Stay connected through Whatsapp, Messengers, Emailers and various other mediums of communication.

2. Social Media Presence is Necessary
Ensure that your customers feel your brands’ presence on platforms. Put in contests, posts that keep the consumers engaged and improve the recall value of your brand. You should always be in the eyes of your customers so they feel your network connectivity to be strong and thick.

3. Help People in Crisis
A perfect and well-planned CSR plan that helps raise funds for the needy and help them survive these tough times. Even if you are able to help a few of them, you would be doing a great deed. Organize a little something for your clients/ consumers, keep them engaged and make them pledge a small amount to help those in need.

4. Go Live on Social Media
You can go live from your homes and indulge in a pep talk with your consumers and maybe even answer their business/professional queries. Talk about growing consumers, how your personal journey has been and much more so the consumers feel like you all have been on the same boat at least once in your lifetime. Also, talk about how patience and constant hardwork towards your brand can do wonders for you!

5. Give Out A Message-Loud and Clear
It is evident that people are mostly hooked on to the televisions, and mostly a news channel to get all the updated related to the pandemic and what the government is doing to protect us and our loved ones. Now is the time, for you to advertise your brand so people know about you and maybe even recollect in their head about your presence in the field. Give out a strong message to the people telling them to stay home, yet close. The communication should be loud and clear for one and all.

6. Inform your Audience You are in Business!
With the Work From Home policy by the government it might have become difficult for people to work but make sure your brand does not suffer during this pandemic. Ensure that you inform your audience that you are very much working an in business. Working can actually become a huge distraction for you, with constant influx of work, you may not really have to search ‘What to watch on Netflix’ or scroll through it randomly. Stay in Business!

7. Keep a Tab on What Works For Your Brand
It’s quite an essential and crucial that you know what keeps your customers/clients engaged. Hence, know your audience well and do more of what they want to see. It’s important you keep a track of your social media marketing insights and stick to them at least for this season of the lockdown.

8. Improvise on Imagery and Language
While putting out visuals, ensure that the images are not overcrowded or have too many people in them. Any imagery promoting a social gathering should not be used at least till the time the pandemic remains. Delay it for later maybe! Do not let the message of your post create or add any panic to the consumers mind. Use a polite yet straight forward language, but of course, use words wisely!

Always ensure that you know and keep up with the likes and dislikes of your customers. You really wouldn’t want to disappoint them, especially during this time, when you need them the most. Give them the messages and consolation they want to read, give them the creative they want to see and make them hear what needs to be heard. Voila! Your job is done.

With time in your hand, it never really hurts to work on strategies that you may want to adopt after the lockdown gets over and plan it before-hand. Cause, of course we all know this may take just a while. So, while the Earth rests, get your marketing minds whacking! Till then, stay safe and stay indoors.

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